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Take a look at our recently completed projects to get an idea of the diverse range of services we provide for the Phoenix Valley. Our services include Artificial Turf, Hardscape Design, and Landscape Design.

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Phoenix Landscaping: A Visual Journey of Our Work



Welcome to our showcase of excellence, where the artistry of Crown & Blade Turf meets the heart of Phoenix living. Dive into our portfolio and discover why we’re leaders in artificial turf installation, premium hardscaping, and custom outdoor lighting across Maricopa County. Each project reflects our dedication to transforming spaces into breathtaking landscapes. Whether it’s a lush, maintenance-free lawn, a meticulously designed patio, or ambient lighting that accentuates architectural features, our work stands as a testament to our commitment to elevate outdoor living to its pinnacle. 

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Artificial Turf, Hardscape, and Outdoor Lighting

A green plant, a lightning bolt, and a lightning bolt.

As you scroll through our curated image galleries, let the transformations speak for themselves. Here at Crown & Blade Turf, we merge innovation with tradition, creating outdoor masterpieces that seamlessly integrate artificial turf, custom hardscaping, and ‘landscape lighting’ into the fabric of Phoenix’s diverse properties. Each image captures the essence of our craftsmanship and the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every square foot of our installations. From serene backyard retreats to vibrant, functional commercial spaces, our projects are a reflection of our commitment to delivering excellence and enhancing the outdoor experience for every client.