Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf in Phoenix

Give your home a boost with the luxury and convenience of pet-friendly artificial turf from Crown & Blade Turf.

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Homeowners in Phoenix looking to bring artificial turf to their homes might be a little skeptical as to how it pairs with pets. Crown & Blade’s pet-friendly artificial turf allows homeowners to put that worry to bed, offering a product that is safe and enjoyable for their pets. Crown & Blade Turf offers artificial turf services to homeowners with pets throughout the central Arizona area.

Pet-Friendly Turf in Phoenix

Crown & Blade’s pet-friendly artificial turf is designed for hygienic and easy-to-clean fun for your furry companions. The turf features synthetic grass with prime durability. Among other key draws include a product that is non-toxic and resistant to odor and stains. Crown & Blade’s artificial turf is perfect for pet owners seeking a low-maintenance option and a pet-safe landscaping solution. 

A black and white dog standing in a backyard with artificial grass.

Benefits of Pet-Friendly Turf

Turf from Crown & Blade provides several advantages for Phoenix homeowners looking for a pet-friendly option. 

Easy Installation

Unlike the natural grass variety that requires tons of upkeep, artificial turf is the opposite. No watering, mowing, or fertilizing is required. Less hassle that creates time to spend with your furry companions.

Phoenix turf installers


Homeowners with pets know owning a pet may come with unwanted digging, scratching, and waste around their homes. Artificial turf is resistant to those exact activities. No more discovering digging spots, scratched patches, and leftover waste residue.

A golden retriever is laying on a green grass in front of a window.


Not having to worry about your pet consuming toxic materials around your home is one less risk on your plate. Artificial turf is made with non-toxic materials and contains antimicrobial properties to minimize health risks for pets.

Three german shepherd dogs sitting on artificial grass.


The superior drainage systems and easy cleanup that come with artificial turf make for a visibly clean landscape. This benefit of pet-friendly turf makes the task of keeping your yard beautiful, a breeze.

An orange and white rope dog toy on grass.

Why Choose Artificial Turf for Dogs 

When deciding to install artificial turf for your home, keeping your pets in mind is a key factor in choosing between artificial turf and other products. Crown & Blade’s artificial turf features several considerations for Phoenix homeowners to make that decision easier. 

  • Comfort – Choosing Crown & Blade’s artificial turf provides a soft and cushioned surface that makes a comfortable area for your pet. 
  • Hygiene – Artificial turf offers a non-absorbent surface that prevents odors and bacteria buildup. Pet owners know how dirty their pets can get, and artificial turf eliminates one key aspect to benefit your pets’ hygiene. 
  • Sustainability – Another key feature of artificial turf is water conservation and reduced chemical use. This feature allows pet owners to be more environmentally friendly and eliminate chemical use around their yard.

Pet Turf Installation 

Installing pet-friendly turf entails a process entrusted to Crown & Blade. The process starts with site preparation which removes existing turf, grades the area, and installs the base area. Then comes turf installation, which demands cutting, fitting, and securing the pet-friendly grass. 

Next comes pet-specific infill to enhance drainage and minimize odor. Lastly, the final touches include seam-sealing, grooming, and a final inspection to finalize a flawless finish.

Contact Crown & Blade Turf for Pet Turf Installation  

Phoenix and surrounding area homeowners looking to install pet-friendly artificial turf should reach out to Crown & Blade Turf to request a free quote today at (480) 933-0441.