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Understanding Artificial Turf Cost

Artificial turf has been rising in popularity for property owners. But a big part of considering artificial turf for homeowners is the price tag. So, how much does artificial turf cost? Several factors go into calculating artificial turf installation cost. Understanding those factors will help homeowners determine their own needs for artificial turf and the price tag that comes with installation. 

Factors Determining Artificial Turf Cost

There are multiple factors homeowners should consider when choosing artificial turf. Factors such as yard size and shape, labor costs, and type of turf will play a factor in determining artificial turf installation cost. 

Size of the Yard

The size of your yard is going to affect your artificial turf bill. More square footage means paying for more material and labor and less square footage means paying less. Homeowners should expect to pay anywhere from $2 to $20 per square foot. The overall average cost of artificial turf is $12.50 per square foot. 

Labor Costs

Labor costs will vary on the project’s size and complexity, but homeowners want to take value into account as well. Artificial turf costs done by professionals will range from $2 to $20 per square foot range, but other aspects to consider in terms of value are warranty and the level of expertise a company will bring to the table. 

Homeowners can expect an included warranty covering any damage during the installation process or in the future after the installation.

Another factor of labor costs when installing artificial turf is the regional aspect. Geographical factors are going to play a part in different regions, leading to variations in cost.

Type of Turf Material

The three most common types of turf material are polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. Each of these three comes with different pros and cons like quality and cost. 


Polypropylene is the least durable of these three options and is best suited for minimal foot traffic. This material is particularly at its best in shaded areas without a lot of foot traffic. Costs for this material range from $2 to $6.35 per square foot. 


Polyethylene is a reliable option for artificial turf that provides more positives than negatives. For homeowners wanting a realistic look, polyethylene is soft and looks natural. This material does a fantastic job at handling foot traffic and heat as well, with the only downside being that it isn’t as durable as nylon. The cost of this option ranges from $2.20 to $4.10 per square foot. 


Nylon material is by far the most durable option for artificial turf. Nylon can sustain heavy foot traffic, weight, and hot temperatures, which makes this option a prime candidate for sports fields and putting greens. But, the main downside is that it is the most expensive. The cost of Nylon for artificial turf typically ranges from $5 to $6.40 per square foot. 

Shape of the Yard

If your yard is a weird and complex shape, this will make the installation progress far more difficult. This will typically lead to higher labor costs. 

how much does artificial turf cost

Cost of Artificial Putting Green Turf

When looking to install an artificial putting green, different factors separate this service from typical artificial turf projects. The biggest difference is that artificial putting green projects are much more labor intensive, making most of the bill labor costs. 

Customers will also have to worry about possible maintenance and repair. Depending on the size, design, and type of turf, the cost of artificial turf installation will range from $4 to $40 per square foot. 

Other Factors Affecting Artificial Turf Cost

Other factors that may affect artificial turf costs include: 

  • Base preparation
  • Removing existing grass or concrete
  • Preparing the base (e.g., gravel, sand)
  • Slope of the yard
  • Drainage system installation
  • Added features like infill materials, edging, and lighting

Why Choose Crown & Blade 

Homeowners in central Arizona should look to choose Crown & Blade Turf for their artificial turf services for several reasons. Crown & Blade Turf is committed to bringing your outdoor vision to life at the highest quality. The team at Crown & Blade is going to help you throughout every step of the process and make sure the finalized product is of the highest standard. 

Free Artificial Turf Installation Quote

When homeowners are looking at the prospect of installing artificial turf, the size and shape of their yard, varying labor costs, and the type of turf used are going to affect the cost. An important thing to consider for homeowners is what they value during their installation process as well. Gaining insight into these factors before scheduling your appointment is going to help homeowners better understand artificial turf costs. 

Homeowners can get a personalized quote from Crown & Blade Turf for an accurate cost estimation on their website. Crown & Blade’s team of experts is there to help assist homeowners create the perfect landscape. 

The benefits homeowners will see when they choose the artificial turf include less maintenance, year-round lushness, a pet-friendly space, better durability, climate functionality, and a convenient haven for golf enthusiasts. 

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